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Public Affairs

Capt. Jeri Gonwa

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Duties of the Public Affairs Directorate

Advises and assists the commander on all media relations, internal information and community relations matters. Plans, develops and implements a Public Affairs program.

They shall:

  • - Release information on unit activities to news media.
  • - Publish unit newsletter or bulletin.
  • - Coordinate participation of unit members in community activities.
  • - Coordinate with other organizations and agencies as required.
  • - Supervise all pubic affairs activities of subordinate units.
  • The public affairs officer, to be effective, must be familiar with CAPP 201, CAPR 190-1, CAPP 3, current policies and activities of his/her unit.


    About the Public Affairs Directorate

    Public affairs is an ever changing and evolving part of Civil Air Patrol. We currently hold a yearly professional development training weekend generally held in February in conjunction with other courses, in which you will learn the many aspects of the job. Press releases, newsletters, websites, social media, and presentations at air shows, schools and other community events are all part of spreading the story of CAP.

    Additional courses throughout the year will also benefit you as you seek to promote CAP. Photography is a large part of public affairs as well as writing articles. Breakout sessions will be held during the annual wing conference as well as other weekends throughout the year.

    Should an unfortunate crisis occur in your squadron, you will have written a crisis plan based on the wing crisis plan, that will be used to help guide you. Being prepared for the unexpected will help your unit get through the situation.

    In order for the public affairs program to succeed in your squadron or group, you will also need to write a public affairs plan. You will determine your unit's needs, identify its strengths and weaknesses and write a plan with your goals and ideas to improve them. The plan will be re-evaluated yearly with your commander to determine if your objectives have been met. Be realistic in your plan and if needed, adjust it throughout the year.

    We have posted many helps to this site to help the public affairs officer. Some documents are protected and you will need to log into the member's site in order to see them. Never hesitate to contact your fellow officers, commander or wing PAO for guidance. We are here to help you be a successful public affairs officer.

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