Lt. Col. Denese Helgeland

Director of Operations

Lt. Col. Denese Helgeland

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Operations Staff

Deputy Director of Operations
Lt. Col. Robert (Bob) Ward
Lt. Col. Jeffrey Thompson

Duties of the Operations Officer

Manages and directs all operations activities. They shall:

  • Develop and implement operations plans, programs and directives.
  • Establish reporting procedures to determine the success of operations programs.
  • Coordinate operations matters with other staff agencies or interested agencies.
  • Develop standard operating procedures for the control and operation of CAP aircraft.
  • Develop necessary operations policies and procedures to ensure mission accomplishment and to provide adequate guidance to subordinate personnel and units.
  • Request the issuance of transportation and mission authorizations as requested.
  • The operations officer should be familiar with CAPP 210, CAPP 211, CAPP 212, CAPP 213; CAP directives in the 50, 55, 60 and 62 series and parts 1, 43, 61, 63, 91 and 92 of FAA regulations.

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