Drivers Licensing Officer

Lt Col Connie King

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CAP Drivers Licenses are in addition to, and not a replacement, for your state-issued drivers license. All members operating CAP corporate vehicles must have a valid state-issued drivers license from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, as well as a valid CAP Drivers License, CAPF 75, from the WILGTL.


Duties of the Drivers Licensing Officer

  • Process requests for CAP drivers licenses


Drivers Licensing FAQ

Q: Who needs a CAP Drivers License?
A: Anyone who intends to drive a CAP vehicle, who is 18 years of age or older.
Q: How do I obtain a CAP Drivers License?
A: Request a copy of your motor vehicle record from the DOT. Click here for a pdf form you can fill out online and print. Send it to the DOT and you will receive your record in the mail. Submit your record along with a Wing Form 5 to WILGTL at the above listed email address.
Q: How long is a CAP Drivers License Valid?
A: CAP drivers licenses are valid until your state drivers license expires or six (6) years, whichever is shorter.

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