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Duties of the Counterdrug Officer

  • Manages and directs counterdrug activities. They shall:
  • - Process applications for personnel entering the counterdrug program.
  • - Maintain an adequate number of trained counterdrug personnel.
  • - Schedule orientation programs to ensure highly qualified counterdrug personnel are available to support law enforcement agencies.
  • - Develop plans and standard operating procedures to support the region/wing’s counterdrug program.
  • - Budget the 15% administrative reimbursement payments.
  • - Serve as the advisor to the wing/region commander and DCS Operations/Director of Operations for counterdrug activities.
  • - Report results of counterdrug efforts to appropriate authorities.
  • - Coordinate Assistance to Law Enforcement Agencies
  • - Oversee Membership Eligibility for Counterdrug Programs
  • The counterdrug officer should be familiar with CAPRs 55-1, 50-15, 60-1 and Memoranda of Understanding with US Customs Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, US Forest Service, and law enforcement agencies as applicable).

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