Director of Aerospace Education

Lt. Col. Peter Boulanger

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Aerospace Education Staff

Asst. Director Aerospace Education - Internal (WIETAI)
Capt. Kurt Lichtenwald
Asst. Director - Aerospace Education, Internal, Yeager Awards (WIETAI/YA)
Asst. Director - Aerospace Education, Internal, Staffing & Training (WIETAI/S&T)
Asst. Director - Aerospace Education, Internal, Visitation and Reports (WIETAI/V&R)
Lt. Col. Julie Sorenson
Asst. Director - Aerospace Education, Internal, AEX Programs & Rocketry (WIETAI/X&R)
Lt. Col. Thomas Gordon
Asst. Director - Aerospace Education, External (WIETAE)
Asst. Director - Aerospace Education - AEMs, Grants and Awards (WIETAE/AGA)
Lt. Col. Tomas Thomas
Asst. Director - Aerospace Education - External Information Technology (WIETAE/IT)

Duties of the Aerospace Education Directorate

CAP has both an internal and an external aerospace education program:

  • The internal program provides aerospace education to CAP members.
  • The external program provides the general public with the aerospace education necessary to ensure the continuing development of aerospace supremacy.

Internal Aerospace Education Program
The Internal AE Program provides basic aerospace knowledge to both senior members and cadets.

Senior Members
The Aerospace Education Program for Senior Members should be an integral part of a senior member’s CAP experience. It consists of five elements: Yeager Test, Aerospace Education Management Skills Development, Aerospace Education Leadership Requirements, Individual Aerospace Continuing Education and Aerospace Education Outreach.

Cadet Members
Aerospace education is a major part of the cadet program. Cadets study aerospace books and perform hands-on aerospace activities in a group or by themselves. Cadets must complete formal aerospace education requirements to progress through the various achievements of the cadet program. Cadets must complete staff duty analyses, one of which is Aerospace Education Officer, and serve as aerospace mentors to other cadets. CAPR 52-16, Cadet Program Management, defines the cadet program and outlines the aerospace education requirements.

External Aerospace Education
The External AE Program presents aerospace education to the public and particularly to schools. The general public’s understanding of aerospace and its importance to our society is part of CAP’s AE mission. This is accomplished through academic programs within the educational systems and through contacts between CAP members and their communities.

Aerospace Education Member (AEM)
AEM is a special membership category open to educators or any reputable individual or organization that has a desire to promote the aerospace objectives and purpose of CAP, but who have limited membership privileges. (See CAPR 39-2, Civil Air Patrol Membership, for more information.) The CAPF 13, CAP Aerospace Education Membership Application, is used to enroll into the AEM category. AEMs promote aerospace education to their students, peers and the general public.

Aerospace Education Workshops
CAP makes an outstanding contribution to the educational system by supporting aerospace education workshops in school systems and colleges throughout the country. These workshops are designed to provide educators with a basic knowledge of aerospace and can be a part of an educational institution’s course of study.

Aerospace Education in Local Schools and Other Community Organizations
CAP personnel will cooperate with schools and other community organizations by promoting aerospace education efforts; providing aerospace education units of instruction; assisting with materials, people and appropriate programs; arranging field trips; etc.

Aerospace Education Materials
CAP has numerous educational materials to enhance and supplement academic curricula. These materials are available to educators and other community organizations, as well as to AEOs and other CAP members.

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